hi there
i have problem with my MS SQL server
some one execute unwanted update statement on huge table and make loss for my data
i fix it by using available backup

but, i need to know who,can i do it
if there are some logs for sql statement
please feed me

thanx in advance

How can anyone log in into the database and corrupt the all important data without any access.

Either the data was not important or there was no security for the database. Even if there is some log you will never find the name of the person who did all that.

Debasidas is right as always. You may want to consider implementing security levels for your database. Also, i would encourage use of stored procedures and then you can specify security contexts on your procedures.

hi there,
it's seems to be fixed with the MSSQL Server 2008 "user activity View"

did you see the mycom system security procedure
it's fully dependent on single user with single login to the MSSQL Server
i think if you know about that's, you will get the key

thans 4 all

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