how to JOIN three tables in MS ACCESS 2007. the tables are:
*student (Primary key: StudentNumber)
*event (Primary key: Event_num)
*Transaction (Primary key: Transaction_num)

the MS ACCESS gives me this code, but nothing appears in the Datasheet view.

SELECT Student.StudentNumber, Student.Lastname, Student.Firstname, Student.Initial, Event.Event, Event.EventDate, Event.EventFee, Transaction.Status
FROM Student INNER JOIN (Event INNER JOIN [Transaction] ON Event.Event_num=Transaction.Event_num) ON (Student.StudentNumber=Transaction.Student_num) AND (Student.StudentNumber=Event.Student_num);
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SELECT Student.StudentNum, Student.FirstName, Student.LastName, Student.Initial, Event.Event, Event.EventDate, Transaction.Status
FROM (Student INNER JOIN Event ON Student.StudentNum = Event.StudentNum) INNER JOIN [Transaction] ON Student.StudentNum = Transaction.StudentNum;
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