I am doing a project that will migrate sybase central to oracle with the used of oracle sql developer,
and when im trying to add new connection in sql developer that will connect my sybase when i try the TEST button its status is success but when i retrieving the database in sybase its follow an error that 'jtds000001' is already exist.

i dont know what to do.. please help me.. regards this matter,

i know you all Specialist can help a beginner like me..

Thanks you so much!


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Please ask this in the appropriate forum, this is for JavaScript. Please try "Web Development > Databases > Oracle" in the top menu. Or ask the question in the forum for the language that you are using.

What is jtds000001 ?

What is jtds000001 ?

i think it is a java component when im trying to retrieve the database in using oracle sql developer i come to an error that 'jtds000001 already exist'

Please see the attachment picture that the cost of error..

thanks for the reply


Are you able to connect to oracle using the same tool ?

i am able to connect to sybase with the use of oracle but when im trying to get the database it is come with that error scene in the picture above.

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