I was browsing a MySql database using phpMyAdmin and I have probably inadverdently changed a setting. I have a field which contains quite large text entries. Before this problem arose the display showed just a few words of the text entry followed by a "...". Now the display shows the whole entry, meaning that the rows in Browse mode are really big.

My question is, how can I instruct phpMyAdmin to limit the size of the returned display in this field?

phpMyAdmin is just an admin area for MySQL to make working with your database easier and more intuitive so don't get confused that it has anything to do with your website or coding.

It is the PHP that will determine how much of your text is displayed so you need to look at what might have changed there and amend it.

Ummm! It's OK now. I closed phpMyAdmin down and restarted it. Just some sort of glitch I guess.

I am not sure why you still think phpMyAdmin has anything to do with your website and code - it doesn't

Did you read my original post? I have never referred to a website or code. I referred only to the display generated by phpMyAdmin.

Very sorry I obviously didn't read your original post properly as I now see the part about Browse, I read it that you were having problems shortening your text on your website which is why my reply was as it was.

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