hi, just want to maek sure some thing.
so i have a table called user. in user table i want to add a field called date of birth. but i dont know which type to choice. it has int, varchar, date, datetime etc. but no date of birth.

do i just choice type date?

2nd question.
i also want a field called gender. so user can pick male or female. but i cant find the right type.

do i just choice boolean? 1 or maile and 0 for femail?

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on front end i have two SignUps, 1 for applicant and one for sub-Admin of different hotels !!!
store procedure will directly assign ID=1 (Role) for applicant but what i should do for admin ? mean he/she would have to wait for that (mean role have to be assigned by Su?per Admin) ? or what ?

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