hi, iam not sure if this is sql question or not. but i just download "sql developer". from oracle website.
and i need help setting it up. i want to connection to my localhost (myphpadmin).

how can i find these things.
connection name:        no idea
username:               using myphpadmin username which is "root"
password:                no password
hostname:                "localhost" i think
port:                    "1521"? not sure
SID                     "xe"? not sure
service name:           no idea

MySQL Workbench is the official utility from MySQL, although I find Toad more user friendly for most things, and it has some more features like DB compare.

i am new to sql. and i just download toad for oracle. But i dont know what to do on toad for oracle database login page. how can i connect to database etc.

Are you working with Oracle or MySQL?

This is a typical connection setup for the default local MySQL install, I assume it will be the same for you as you mentioned you use PHPMyAdmin. You will need to know your root password for mysql though.

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