I'M just trying to work my way through the book "Head First SQL" but I can't seem to get it installed. I just need the simple DOS like pompt MySQL program to learn on. Here's what I'M getting when I try and install it.

mysql-server-5.5-winx64:6 - Looking for valid template
mysql-server-5.5-winx64:13 - Found valid template.
mysql-server-5.5-winx64:20 - Attempting to process template.
mysql-server-5.5-winx64:26 - Processed template.
mysql-server-5.5-winx64:33 - Attempting to configure service.
mysql-server-5.5-winx64:40 - Configured service.
mysql-server-5.5-winx64:46 - Attempting to start service.
mysql-server-5.5-winx64:100 - Unable to configure service.
mysql-server-5.5-winx64:100 - Product configuration controller finished configuration.

I'M running WIndows 7 Home Premiume with 2.0 GHz and a 64 bit OS.

Try running the installer as Administrator, it might be a security issue under win7 preventing the install.

If you right click on the installer exe, you should have an option to Run as Administrator

Hi I am runnig windows 2008 R2 Web
and when I tried to install MySQL
I get the same error.
And I am logged in as Administrator
UAC is turned off.

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