I'm trying to work out how to import drupal blog posts into a wordpress website. I found a website that has a script but I'm not sure how to execute it and what I need to do. This is the website I found with the script http://www.binaryturf.com/migrate-drupal-wordpress-export-import-mysql-script/

If someone could please help me I would so appreciate it! I'm not even sure where to start. I have already backed up my wordpress site and wordpress database in case anything goes wrong. I'm just not sure how to run the script and if I'm supposed to be able to take something from the drupal database.

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You just need to run this script on your server. Just replace the database names, with the ones you have. You can execute it on the command line or through phpMyAdmin, or whatever you use normally to do database changes.

You can export blog data from wordpress admin .
see the step -
Export WXR file from WP site
1.login at wordpress.com
2.My DashBoard >> My Blogs >> Tools >> Export
3.Download Export File for use with the Wordpress Import module

To import wordpress data in drupal site.
1.go on http://drupal.org/project/wordpress_import and download module
2. configure it in your drupal site and import Wordpress exported file in this module.
3.It will loads all exported blog automatically and also add new category in drupal as its taxonomy.
Try this ,it will help you.

@mohammed.ismail: He wants it the other way around.

Also, I recently found one source that moves data automatedly. It looks pretty reliable. You just have install new wordpress and rupal should be available online. In this video you may see how it works http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=im4AfhhfHqc

I guess it's convenient way of conversion in contrast to hours of manual migration or scripts using!

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