Hi there,

I am building a Wordpress site, but I'm struggling to find a good plugin to achieve a few things...

Basically I want to make the website a central hub of a lot of my social networks, without me having to continaully update things in several places. So I'm wanting to do the following:

  • Every time I post a new Tweet, I want it to create a new Blog post on my website in the Tweet category. The post should have a default featured image and a I should also be able to set where the Tweet is displayed (i.e. in the title and post content) and if anything else is displayed after the tweet (like a follow button) for example.

  • Every time I upload a new video to YouTube, I want it to create a new blog post on my site in the Video category (and preferably in the Video Post Type) automatically. Again, I should have control over what is pulled into the post other than the video... for example description, tags etc. I would also like it to set the Featured Image of the post to one of the three still images that YouTube creates for a video.

Is the above achievable, and how would I go about figuring it out?

Many thanks in advance,


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Without researching into if YT & TW even support this, here are some things you'd need to accomplish this in theory:

  • YouTube API
  • Twitter API
  • Cron jobs

Basically, you'll be pulling information from YouTube and Twitter, which means you'd probably need to access their API. Now assuming that their APIs support pulling information for a particular user (Twitter does, not sure about YT), how does your site know you've posted anything new? Well, you'll need to run cron jobs periodically that check YT and TW for any updates to your user account, then create a new post based on any new information found.

Sounds incredibly complicated?

Is there a legitimate way to do this with my Twitter and YouTubes RSS feeds, and pull them in with some sort of autoblogging plugin?

That's possible. Again though, because WordPress would need to periodically check for these on its own, you'd probably need cron jobs. There might be some plugins out there that do this, worth looking into.

Doing things the other way around would be easier to accomplish, I think. If there's a WordPress plugin that lets you make posts submit their content to YouTube and/or Twitter, that would save the need of a cron job.

I don't suppose anyone one here would be interested in helping me make a plugin to do what the original post says? I have a (small) budget available.

If anyone is, please send me a Private Message.


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