I have table of three column like
Identifier  Description Value
    P1  x        20
    P2  y        20
    P3  x        20
    P4  y        20
    P5  x        20
    P6  y        20
    P7  x        20
    P8  y       20
    P9  x       20
          y     20
        x         20
        y       20
        x         20
        y        20
        x        20
        y        20
        x        20
   P1000    y                20

   I want to update value column with different values at once. I have created a stored procedure for that. But i am unable to furnish a small script for that. I have written thousands of UPDATA command to updat this list.

   Can any one help me out from this problem?
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It all depends on the values you want to assign and the criteria used. Can you please be more specific?


A simple UPDATE query could suffice. It all depends on what you want, for example:

UPDATE [table] SET [value] = 100 WHERE [value] = 20

Are you planning on updating various records with the same value or different values...please be more specific.

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