I have table of three column like
Identifier  Description Value
    P1  x        20
    P2  y        20
    P3  x        20
    P4  y        20
    P5  x        20
    P6  y        20
    P7  x        20
    P8  y       20
    P9  x       20
          y     20
        x         20
        y       20
        x         20
        y        20
        x        20
        y        20
        x        20
   P1000    y                20

   I want to update value column with different values at once. I have created a stored procedure for that. But i am unable to furnish a small script for that. I have written thousands of UPDATA command to updat this list.

   Can any one help me out from this problem?

It all depends on the values you want to assign and the criteria used. Can you please be more specific?

A simple UPDATE query could suffice. It all depends on what you want, for example:

UPDATE [table] SET [value] = 100 WHERE [value] = 20

Are you planning on updating various records with the same value or different values...please be more specific.

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