create table Course (
courseId char(5),
subjectId char(4) not null,
courseNumber integer,
title varchar(50) not null,
numOfCredits integer,
primary key (courseId)

create table Student (
ssn char(9),
firstName varchar(25),
mi char(1),
lastName varchar(25),
birthDate date,
street varchar(25),
phone char(11),
zipCode char(5),
deptId char(4),
primary key (ssn)

create table Enrollment (
ssn char( 9),
courseId char( 5),
dateRegistered date,
grade char( 1),
primary key (ssn, courseId),
foreign key (ssn) references Student,
foreign key (courseId) references Course

the table "Enrollment" can not be created. where is the wrong?


foreign key (ssn) references Student(ssn),
foreign key (courseId) references Course(courseId)

thank you..its fine..

No problem! you can mark this thread as solved if that did the trick :)

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