I Hav a Doubt regarding the storage of database..
Suppose i have a college database...among
were do i store this college database??in master??
even if i create a new database how to add the new data into the existing database??

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if you're creating a new database it is just added to the list that master is in e.g. the list would read:

if you want to move all data from one DB to another you may have to bulk move everything over in an SQL statement. If you have the SQL script that creates the DB that contains the data you want too move over, simply alter the "CREATE DATABASE DBName;" statement.

Right click on ur database and select add new database....ur new database will be different...it wont be added in ur system database...

after ur database is created right click and then select new table to add ur data....

ur tree view in database will be

        - System Databases
        - YourNewDatabase
        - and so on
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