I am wondering if anyone can help me or point me inthe right direction. We are currently subscribed to a company that allows us to list products onto eBay. We can upload images through their web interface. For every 10Mb of images we are charged extra. Their is a count that tells us how much Mb we have used.

We are positive that we have stored images that are no longer being used in our listings. What I have asked them for is a list of our image files with thier size so we can remove the larger files from the system and host externally.

They have said it is impossible as they call the images from a FS and cache the size to give us how many Mb we are currently using.

Is this correct?

Does anybody know if it is possible to retrieve the image name, location and file size from an FS?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Company is now going to produce me a report.

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