Hi, i am developing a website but got stuck. I got couple of queries , I would appreciate if anyone can help me out.

1. is it possible to re-size image ( e.g on facebook thumbnail picture ) without loosing quality using php code.

2. If not is there third party tool i can use for image resizing on my website

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Try using imagecopyresampled() instead of imagecopyresized() to lessen the degradation of quality. The process takes a little longer but if you aren't doing a large number of images on one page it shouldn't be all that noticeable.


Is there a way to scale image without losing quality?

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You can save the resized file into PNG format, this will help to preserve quality. The length of the file will be higher than a JPG equivalent, but you can use some tools as optipng to compress the file without loosing quality. Or use JPG format also for the resized file and set quality over ~80%, this value usually returns a good looking file without artifacts.

Read this document, there you can find a lot of information about this topic: http://www.imagemagick.org/Usage/resize/

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