I've recently become the defacto DBA of two MSSQL databases at work because I am the only one with SQL experience. I have been asked to do some tasks with the databases but this requires and understanding of their structure. I cannot find anything akin to MySQL's mysqldump for mssql and have been looking for that among other help in being able to use my MySQL experience as a base for learning MSSQL. I have spent a few days (8 to 9 hours per day) searching for this and cannot find anything. the best i have found is this link

using that i have tried to get table makeup dumped only to get what looks like rubbish as wraps at 60 characters no matter what making it nearly impossible to figure out from the output.

I have been hoping to find something like MySQL's mysqldump so that i can read the table creation part of the outputs and know how the tables are set up AND have a backup (which would be useful and i dont belive we currently have)

Any pointers to a tool like this or in how to get mssql to give me output usable like this would be deeply appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your time and help
-Josh Perlmutter

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do you have access to these databases via query analyzer or enterprise manager

There was a GUI interface that had an expired trial when i was given the job of taking over. I would have to get approval before getting anything I need to pay money for.

I dont recognize the first tool mentioned and think the second is what i had a trial version of. maybe it was a third party manager

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