Hi, guys i m already done with DB part of my project !!! but confused here !!! (Check attached image)

Admin will enter all relevant details in applicant-scrutiny table for each user ........but i want that value for each userid (foreign key) should be copied automatically !!! NOTE: USER table has bee already filled

e.g all fields are filled....

sscpercentage= 90

fsc marks=800

........so on but at last i have a field userid and i want to fill it by its own for that user for which i m entering details.

so help me guys ? check attachment


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So, I suggest you to make an store procedure to create the records for the existings users and then create a insert trigger at the users table for the new users.


Sure, there's a lot of them, a couple are:

  1. You can do it all in asp.net.
  2. You can work only with triggers (ie.: a update trigger on Users that will check if the user has a application, and if it doesn't it'll create one).
  3. You can do the initial insert in asp.net and the new ones at the trigger.

@Gr8 man !!! good job !!!
i will go with the 1st option !!! bcz i don't know that y ? but i always hesitate usinf triggers !!!
so i will try to make my own logic !!! and tnx man !!!


how much dynamic a template could be ? dynamic , in terms of modifications !!
e.g i purchase a template for my website and further i want to modify it for my own satisfaction and requirements ? that how much it could be modified ? At large extent ?


Triggers can be dangerous, if you use it wrong, but for somethings is the best option.

And please, post your new question in a new post and mark this as solved.

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