I have read theory about distributed database. Now i want to implement it practically but cant find any practical tutorial on distributed databases. All tutorials are theoretical.

Can someone tell me how can i place two tables on two different servers and can retrieve data from them with a single query.

and how can i divide one table vertically or horizontally and can place it on different servers and can retrieve data from this table.

OR at least any detailed tutorial that teaches to distribute tables(mysql).

You need to understand the theory part of distributed database , before trying to understand it.

for example ----try to use a DB link (in oracle) to connect to different database servers and fetch the data using a single SQL.

Hello allz can any one plz tel me that if i want to connect my single application to 3 different databases but the thing is that a table named customer is present in both tables but the fields of both the tables are different can any one tell me the better solution. Thx

Regards: Ayaz Ali Khatri

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