Hi all,Anyone know of a decent free sqlite manager. One that will work with sqlite not sqlite3.
Ive tried some and not been able to find one that works!

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Ive tried some

If you post which ones you have tried, we can narrow the suggestions.

I found phpliteadmin works ok, just a bit of a pain because it won't recognise the db in it's original directory, I have to copy and paste into localhost, do the alterations or additions, and then copy and paste it back. Better than keep writing php scripts for simple operations though.......

So are you looking for something that is hosted, or is a desktop app okay (for example Navicat).

a desktop will be easier. I'll look at navicat

Thanks, pritaeas, navicat works well! It does exactly what it says it will, and with no errors like the others I've tried. Will be buying it.

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