Hi everyone,

I have to do an assignment where i need to design my database for now. Later will have to implement it as well.

We have to use Oracle for database and I am planning to create a webportal based on MVC architurture.

Now I have 2 problems in constructing the whole database. I have been able to connect all the tables and understood the relationship as well.

What I dont understand is:
1. I need to prepare a checklist of steps that needs to be performed during operation. Steps - substeps- subsubsteps (-> can be nested). How do i implement this using my database? How do I store and fetch a checklist from database that too sub-subsubsteps.
I am not able to visualise this ..
2. Also, I need to implement appointment system for doctors. No two appointments should be overlapping.
I am at loss with this also. need to take care of time of appointment, working hours of doctor.

I am sure upon reading it might not make much sense. I was very confused as to what all I need to do. PLease if u have any doubt I'll be more that happy to answer it.
Any help is appretiated