Hi, i have a Sql Server 2008 database, with a table that has around of 2.000.000 registers. The schema of the table is the following:

idSpecie (PK, int) | Kingdom | Phylum | Class | Order | Family | Genus | Specie

The kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus and specie columns are all varchar(50).
This table is fixed, and will never get any update/insert/delete, but it receives a lot of search queries in all of the columns. Is there a way to improve performance on these queries?

Thanks a lot!

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Thanks for your reply, but the search queries are individual for each column, i mean "SELECT Phylum FROM [Table] WHERE Kingdom LIKE '%TEXT%'", the Full Text Search works for this too? ie this improves the performance?


Yes it has good features, just explore it.

great! thanks!

Hi, i explored FullText indexes, but the table has duplicated values in some columns, and the fulltext index cannot be created. Is there other way to improve performance?


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