I want to know what is the pest practice in the following issue. I have a From for releasing decision such as hiring employee, discharging employee etc. The process of releasing a decision takes the following steps
1- You fill the necessary data within the from and then click save that makes the data entered to be saved in a specific database table this is done by a given permission to a given employee.
2- The such written decision is now submitted to a highest degree employee to check the decision and if it is OK he click deport button this is also done by a given permission to a given employee.
3- The final stage, the decision is submitted to the Director, who either agree the decision or did not agree.

Each of the following deport and agree/disagree steps have a column is the table I created for such decision, in other words, the structure of the table in which such decision is saved looks like

[Serial No.] int, [Type of decision] NVARCHAR, [Employee ID] int, [Deported] bit, [Deported Date] date, [Deported Time] time, [Agree/Disagree] bit, [Agree/Disagree Date] date, [Agree/Disagree Time] time

So my question is. Is such way of saving all data in one table is better or it will be better to separate that table to 3 tables on including the decision data after saving it, and when deported, the decision inserted in another table lets call it Deported_Decisions, and when accepted or not, it is inserted in another table lets call it Agree_Disagree_Decisions or it is fine and a good practice to put all the data within the same table

I'm asking because I'm having 2 other cases looks excatly like this case one with releasing a work mission statement and a vacation statement.

Thanks in advance



Another question please. Each employee have a set of types of vacations like annual vacation, medical vacation, incidential vacation I'm saving the number of days for each type of vacation for each employee in the same table

the structure of the table looks like
[Employee ID] int, [Type of Vacation] NVARCHAR, [Number of Days] float

For example a record will be like this:
1, annual vacation, 21

Is that a good practice or it is preferrable to separate them too each type of vacation in a separate table

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