Halu guys! How to store an image to MySQL database? Do it needs to convert?

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1) you can creat binary column in table and store image in binary format in table itself
2) you can create column with file name/path reference only and store actual file as os file in some folder

In my view Second approach is better.

For inserting images in mysql-:

MySQL has a blob data type which can used to store binary data. A blob is a collection of binary data stored as a single entity in a database management system. Blobs are typically images, audio or other multimedia blob objects. MySQL has four BLOB types:


All these types differ only in their sizes.

For my demonstration, lets us create a test table named test_image in MySQL having 3 columns show below-:

Id (INT) -Act as primary key for table.
Name (VARCHAR) – Used to store image name.
Image (BLOB) – Used to store actual image data.
You can use phpMyAdmin tool to create the above table else use the following MySQL query-:

create table test_image (
id              int(10)  not null AUTO_INCREMENT PRIMARY KEY,
name            varchar(25) not null default '',
image           blob        not null

Also you can go through this.

reate table testblob (
    image_id        tinyint(3)  not null default '0',
    image_type      varchar(25) not null default '',
    image           blob        not null,
    image_size      varchar(25) not null default '',
    image_ctgy      varchar(25) not null default '',
    image_name      varchar(50) not null default ''

Then you can write an image to the database like:

$imgData = file_get_contents($filename);
$size = getimagesize($filename);
mysql_connect("localhost", "$username", "$password");
mysql_select_db ("$dbname");
$sql = "INSERT INTO testblob
    ( image_id , image_type ,image, image_size, image_name)
    ('', '{$size['mime']}', '{$imgData}', '{$size[3]}', 

You can display an image from the database in a web page with:

$link = mysql_connect("localhost", "username", "password");
$sql = "SELECT image FROM testblob WHERE image_id=0";
$result = mysql_query("$sql");
header("Content-type: image/jpeg");
echo mysql_result($result, 0);

If I will use vb.net, what could be the possible systax?