Good Morning... I seem to be having a problem getting the data that I want from a single query...

I have a table that contains various information on record processing
it has an auto increment field called period_id
also a field called max_pl_trans

What I need to be able to determine is the value of the max_pl_trans field in the record with the max period_id

this is what I am trying, but getting an empty set back.

SELECT max_pl_trans FROM adm_period_pay WHERE period_id=(SELECT max('period_id') FROM adm_period_pay)

Could someone give me an idea what is wrong with this query, because it makes sense to me (but that doesn't necessarilly mean anything).

thanks in advance.


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So based on your description, I think you can use this SQL query (from memory so please test it...).

SELECT * FROM adm_period_pay 
WHERE period_id = (SELECT MAX(period_id) from adm_period_pay)

[EDIT] after posting this... i realized that the sql query you posted above is basically the same..sorry i actually only read your description..didnt bother to look at your query. the problem is that you surrounded single quotes around 'period_id'.

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