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I've created a webpage on localhost using php. I have a local network with 3 computers at home. I can access the webpage only from one computer (http://localhost/mywebpage/). What changes should I make in phpmyadmin to be able to access the webpage from all computers? Is it possible?

Thank you in advance.

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If you're trying to use the same link on all 3 PCs it wont work, as localhost looks to the computer it's running on

To view the page on the other PCs you will need to enter the PC's IP address instead of localhost.

I.E. if the PC's IP is then on the other PCs you would enter

I have tried, but it didn't work.

What local server are you using (XAMPP, WAMPServer)? Is it set to be publicly accessible? Perhaps the firewall on your computer does not allow incoming connections. Did you try the computer's IP address, did you try the computer's network name ? Give more information, as you can see, it can be caused by a lot of things.

It depends on where your root folder is placed i.e. in XAMPP it will be in the httpdocs folder and you probably will have a folder for your app as well. you then need to specify the path to that folder -

To check if you can connect to the host over LAN, in cmd type - ping (replace the ip of your host pc with

I have turned off Windows Firewall and it is working now. Thank you all for help!

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