Hi all
I am currently working on a Battlefield player / server statistics application that i have written in C#.
I am storing RAW player / server data in a table at the moment.

My question is what is a recommended maximum columns per table as this statistical data which will be used in a formula to check players against the database for probible cheater analisys.

at this stage my table is looking at around 400 columns.
Would it be wise for me to use joins and just add them to specific tables and just call on them when setting up my forumla array?


If some columns are used often, and other columns only for cheater analysis, dividing and joining them when needed is the logical choice. You can always create a view to simplify your client-side query.

thanks for the reply, i have gone iwth just splitting the data into 3 tables to lower the insert / update size and time.

and just creating small query to gather information i need to gather the cheater analysis formula.

thanks for your reply.

It is always a best practice to split data into many different tables rather than having fewer real large tables.

It is always

No, not always. Often, yes.