Hi I am running phpMyAdmin 5.6. I have created a table as described in a tutorial. This table is supposed to have a null value in a text field, I cannot do it, I tried everything.The examples on the web refer to older versions and I keep getting error.I even tried to do it from the command propmt using alter or update but as I said the examples do not agree with this version of phpMyAdmin.Can somebody tell me how to do it?Thanks.

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phpmyadmin version has nothing to do with mysql command syntax, mysql version is important.
What sql you writing and what error are u getting.

I am running mySql vers. 5.6

What sql you writing and what error are u getting.

I figured it out I had set an integer value for age, I changed it to varchar and works fine.I am not too familiar with this values I assumed that when there is a number involved I should use INT or double etc.Thank you.

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