**I have download a setup.exe for GNU database library GDBM. It's going to be
installed in C:\Program Files\GnuWin32 (lib, include, etc.).

My mingw is in C: (C:\MinGW).

Could you please tell me what is the right path for GDBM on windows.
I used GDBM on Linux and compiled and linked .c file to GDBM library in
the following way;
gcc mygdbmprog.c -o mygdbmprog -ldb.

I want to build and link program to gdbm library on windows.

Do I need to install it in root (C:)?

Thank you.**

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Could you please tell me what is the right path for GDBM on windows.

It really self-explanatory


What did you do?

Do I need to install it in root (C:)?

Yes, it's usually in the C drive but if you have D drive you can installed it if you don;t have a C drive

Thank you for the help. Installation instruction given on sourceforge seems to be based on
gdbm source and I downloaded binary setup.exe but, anyway I have again read it and learnt
that it can be installed in any dir(specially the built after 2002).

I set the bin dir to PATH and tried to run with eclipse and this time it can't find
gdbm-dll.h. There is a gdbm.h in the include dir and defined the following in gdbm.h;

/* Protection for multiple includes. */
#ifndef _GDBM_H_
#define _GDBM_H_
#include <gdbm-dll.h>
GDBM_DLL_IMPEXP void gdbm_close __P((GDBM_FILE));
GDBM_DLL_IMPEXP int gdbm_store __P((GDBM_FILE, datum, datum, int));

Why does it looking for gdbm-dll.h?

Sorry, I mistakenly wrote in prev msg that I used -ldb but it should be -lgdbm (in my slack)

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