I'm working on a design for a calibration management system but, i'm stuck with designing a table or tables to accomodate this data as desscriped in the picture below.

all the numeric data in the picture should be entred by the user but, the correction is calsulated automatically
I want you to help me to desgin the tables along with thier relationships.


I can't tell if you're asking for help with some tips on table design or if your looking to hire someone to do the design.

I just need tips if that is possibl.

@pixelsoul, I've a sneaking feeling its a database design he's after here.
Inputs, calculations etc; too much for my ancient brain.

@TonyG I thought that could be a possibility as well. I was just throwing out a line to see what I could catch :)

Someone can vote my suggestion down if they want, the fact of the matter is that people should be asking for help with something that they are currently working on already, not just asking for some code to be written for them.

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