windows xp was crashed, so after formatting & installation of windows I installed (overwrite of all existing files) XAMPP which was on different drive, other than **C:**.

As it was not lost when windows was crashed, I just overwrite the all files, this had happened with me lot of time in the past, but this time some database are shown empty e.g database me is shown empty in phpmyadmin but in D:\xampp\mysql\data\me folder have tables in it.

But they are not shown in phpmyadmin. How to get them back ?

Database me have tables in folder, about.frm, contact.frm, works.frm

How to recover missing tables, conataining data?

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Database me have tables in folder, about.frm, contact.frm, works.frm

The connection is lost. Even though you have the files, it's corrupted you can't open. Once you uninstalled the application and installed it in a different location. The files can't be retreive the tables with the data.

You mean it can not be recovered?

You could try copying the files to another folder, then recreating the tables but leaving them empty, so that MySQL "knows" they exist.
Then copy the other files back over the new ones. You might be able to get at your content that way. And you have nothing to loose by trying this.

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