Someone told me that with sharepoint portal I can design database easily. Is that true?

What is sharepoint portal actually?

Is it possible to integrate sharepoint portal with other webbased application?

I wonder if my understanding about sharepoint portal is correct?

Thanks before.

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pritaeas shared a nice link regarding how SharePoint can integrate well with other applications. However, I don't think SharePoint can help you design a database. From my limited work with SharePoint I've noticed it works primarily with lists which is alright but can be slow when there are many-o-many of lists to traverse through. Database design can be made easier with good ERD modelling tools like this.

What's the main language of sharepoint? ASP.NET - Vb or C#, I never actually use sharepoint before, only watch the presentation. Is it possible to add something to the software?


I'm pretty sure that you can use either ASP.NET or C#.

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