Here's a fun problem for you geniuses who know SharePoint and networking.

We upload videos to our SharePoint site. Regardless of the size, when we play it here at the corporate office, it will play about 20 seconds in and then reset to zero and you would have to refresh the page.

If you try to download the file, it will race until 70% complete and the slow the F down and then (in Chrome) say "Failed - Network Error" and in IE it says "The [file name] download was interrupted."

When downloading or watching videos outside of our network, it works fine.

What settings or where in our network would you all look to begin troubleshooting this issue?


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One sentence - check your firewall QOS (quality of service) rules.

We have a Sonicwall TX210. Can't seem to find the settings for the QoS rules. O.o wth?

Start with inside the network. Are you running split dns? Any issues with round-robining to the sharepoint server(s)? Is it a stand alone server or a cluster? Are files stored in the SP DB or are the files linked from a user page?

For streaming, Are you multicasting internally. ARe your internal switches set to handle mutlticasting properly (if it is being used).

We're running off of cloud Sharepoint services hosted by Microsoft. So no split DNS. N/A on the round-robining. Not sure of what kind of server MSFT is using to host our SharePoint sites (probably a cluster).

We're looking into the multicasting issue right now.

Any other words of wisdom?

Multicasting wouldn't be the issue after thinking about it. O.o hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Since it's MS hosted, then multicast is out. Do you get this behaviour with any other large downloads? Hows your ISP health? If you are constantly getting large file download issues from just this one site, that should be easy enough to diagnose if you can get a hold of the right person in support at that hosting company.

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