I've got 1000 questions regarding this "Rocket" (Unidata) database, but I digress. To give you some background, I do have some experience with SQL, but nothing with Unidata. But given what I've read, I can't believe it is that much different from SQL, aside from the command syntax (I presume) when querying the database. This new system I'm working with is from Epicor (Manage2000 v7.3). I'm told (but haven't confirmed) it's residing on a Windows server. I want to know a couple of things:

1) is it possible to connect to the database using a based program? If so, how?
2) I'd like to make some changes to info within the database such as item description, item cost, and various other data that is generally "static". I'd like to make multiple changes to these tables at one time, preferably through an EXCEL spreadsheet. Can I do this? If so, how?

I'll start with this and then move forward.

In advance, thanks for your assistance. Please don't hesitate to make suggestions regarding places to garner addtional information. I'll share that the Manage2000 software package is very difficult to work with as it has multiple steps to change and/or create new items within the system. I hope there are multiple users of this software that can help me work with and around this system. Please speak up!


Do you have a link to their website/documentation?

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