I have a query that used union all..
and produces a table like this:

| Type        | Name                   | IDNum     | Warnings     |
| M           | sample                 | 2013-1    |            4 | 
| L           | sample                 | 2013-1    |            2 | 

now i made a while loop to get the data under the warning column:

while ($warning = mysql_fetch_objects($queryResult)){
case 'M': $M = $warning->Warnings;break;
case 'L': $L = $warning->Warnings;break;

but now then it only gives me the result of case M, its not looping back to check the other type to the switch case..

I need clarification and help....

Shouldn't that be mysql_fetch_object (without the 's')? Can you show some more code if that is not the problem?

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