Hello all,

I need to make a simple database, and then some windows application (possibly C#) connecting to it... but first...

First I need to design and model a good and functional database, right?
So I am stuck in it now :) and please help if you can. I dont want you to do my homework, all I need is to get some guidance...

Lets say, I have a table called Students.
Columns in Students table are: student_id, name, last_name, email, and so on....
Columns in Professors table are: professor_id, name, last_name, email ... etc....

there are other columns that should be there, but I am not sure whether they should be put in a separate table... for example: knowledge of foreign languages: which_language, proficieny_writing, reading, talking ....

Both tables, Students and Professors need to have information about the knowledge of foreign languages.... so how do I accomplish that? If I am talking about students, I can make columns in foreign_languages table like: lang_id, student_id, language, writing, reading, talking

but what about PRofessors?? I need to put their knowledge of foreign languages too... but where?? :)

do I have to make a separate foreign_lang_prof table?

I am really confused.... and I hope I explained myself and didnt bore you :) Thanks in advance!!!!

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Bulky tables is going to be more a burden in the long run if they keep growing than a bunch of lighter tables, so I would creating more tables, rather than trying to cram a bunch into one. You're most likely going to be working with a relational database, and this is what it is made for.

You can create a language table that is used by both the students and professors tables.

I thought this Nettuts article was pretty informative and easy to understand.

Give that a ready through, it may just answer a lot of your questions.

yeah, it does help, so I guess I should read more about the normal forms....

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