Please help me im new in making database i dont know what tables will i create and its content pls..

  1. Develop a database design for a Student Attendance Management System. Create an ER Diagram to illustrate the relationship between the entities in your database. Below are the suggested list of entities to be included in the database:
    • Students
    • Subjects
    • Courses
    • Rooms
    • Schedules(includes subject, room assignment , time-frame, days etc)
    • Class list (refers to the list of students under one schedule)
    • Attendance Record (list of attendances per class list)
  2. Create the database using any MySQL Database Management Tool (phpMyAdmin, SQLYog, etc.) and populate the tables with initial records.
  3. Create SQL statements that will generate the ff:
    • List of all students
    • List of all subjects
    • List of all students belonging to a class list
    • Attendance record for one class list

Thanks I appreciate if you reply asap tnx much

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Im using MS ACCESS 2010 on this please please

Noone will write that much query and it is alot of work.

I attached an image of a ER Diagram that I help a member a month ago it looks like this (so I hope this will give you an idea how to do this):


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it's better to put what you have done so far, on that we will guide to the rest of the project..

One big thing is to avoid duplication. Another is to partition your data. For example, information in the Students table should contain information that is mostly static. This would be information like student name, address, date of birth, phone number, etc. All other tables that refer to a student require some easy, unique way of referring to a student. To do that you add one more field to the student table, that being the student ID (which should be generated by the database itself). The student ID woud be the main way of referencing records in that table (or as we call it, the Primary Key or PK). So the table would look something like

  StudentID (PK)

You may come across the term one-to-many. This refers to the relationship between tables. For example, one student can take many classes so the relationship between Students and Classes is one-to-many. In a database diagram a one-to-many relationship would be shown as a line from the Students table to the Classes table with two arrowheads on it as in

Students <----->> Classes

a one-to-one relationship would just be

table <-----> other table