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How do i transfer funds from one account to another in the same table?


Say for example i want to transfer funds from UserID 1111101 to UserID 1111103.

Anyone know the procedure for this. I use php/mysql and dreamweaver.


To follow normal accounting procedures you would need two transactions. One debiting the receiving account and one crediting the sending account. Banks credits and debits are backwards from other accounting methods. In other words money added to your account is a debit an removed from your account is a credit. Don't ask me why just something I remember from class. Any ways you have to show both transactions because they cancel out each other as far as the accounting side is concerned leaving 0 funds left over. If you have a transfer fee involved then you need three transactions. Total removed from account, amount added to receiving account, and amount going to fee account.

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Thanks...i have an idea of this. But i would like to know how you transfer it into coding and usually a webpage where i can do manual transactions transfers for any desired amount and this should update into the users balance table.

We really would have to have samples of the tables to give you the exact code. No telling what triggers are in place or what actual tables are involved with out seeing the database.

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