I usually use wp clone wordpress plugin which basiclaly zipped the database and folder of wordpress to upload to a new install of wordpress. I can't use it however on a bridal woocommerce website. It tries then eventually gives me a 404 page not found error. The is has about 2000 uploaded images and everything. I know there is a programm called "WP-DB-Backup" but I think it only backs the databse and then I guess I owuld have to manually relink it to new host with wordpress installed? Not really sure. Any help would be greatly appreciated it.

Is it easy to manually move databases for a wordpress site and reimport them and will everything be working after that or are there more steps required?

I've done this many times. Although a smooth import is not always guaranteed. What I do is I open the wp sql in a text editor and do a search/replace on the base url.

Next is to edit the wp-config.php file with your new db values.

Once that is done the site should work 95% but I've noticed a few bugs. Like if I have set the url to be friendly urls I have to click on another option then click back to site friendly urls then click save.

Some other options in widget menus don't seem to propagate either. So I have to readd them.

This seems the best method so far.

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