I tried to create the database connection SQL Server 2008 R2 Express with ODBC connection using TCP / IP
After I try the following error appears :
Connection failed :
SQLState : '01000 '
SQL Server Error : 10060
[ Microsoft ] [ ODBC SQLServer Driver ] [ TCP / IP Sockets ] connectionOpen
[ Connect ( ) ] .
Connection failed :
SALState '08001 '
SQL Server Error : 17
[ Microsoft ] [ ODBC SQL Server Driver ] [ TCP / IP Sockets ] SQL Server does
not exist or acces denied .

I 've made a firewall rule on the inbound and outbound to enable port 1433 , but the result is the same connection can not be made , the SQLServer2008R2 Express configuration through Configuration Manager Tools for TCP / IP I was already set on the SQL Server Network Configuration - Protocols for SQLEXPRESS ( or equivalent ) - TCP / IP , by filling in the following directions:
• Double click on TCP / IP
• Click on the IP Addresses tab
• Under IP1 sets the TCP port to 1433 if it has not been already
• Under the IP All TCP Port set to 1433 if it has not been already

But when trying to re- wear an ODBC connection via TCP / IP the result is the same error message appears as shown above

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Make sure that the instance has remote connections switched on and that the port is statically assigned to 1433 (as I think dynamic could be default).

On the server go to Start > Programs > Sql Server 2008 R2 > Configuration Tools > SS Configuration Manager

Then Network Config > Protocols > Switch on Named Pipes & Shared Memory

Then Open TCP/IP > Make sure Enabled is set to yes > IP Addresses > Ensure TCP Dynamic Ports is BLANK in all IPs > set TCP Port to 1433 in all IPs (IP1, IP2 ... & IPALL) > Apply > OK > Restart Service

What do you get then?

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