I'm creating an app with an Access database backend, and I seem to have encoutered two problems that I can neither explain nor solve.

1. When I run the app, there is a blank record that I can neither edit nor delete, and I am forced to click to add a record. Why can't I edit or delete what seems like a blank record upon startup?

2. I have two checkboxes on the form, when I add a new record, I expect both to be in an unchecked state, but they always appear in an indeterminate state. In the IDE, I have the "Checked" property set to "False" and the "CheckedState" property set to "Unchecked". I also checked the database file itself, and the values of those fields are set to "null".

I would appreciate if anyone could either provide an answer, or point me to a source.


I am not entirely sure about your first question, I would probably need more information. however I think what you are referring to is just a blank record placeholder which Microsoft access automatically generates.

Regarding the check boxes, the reason they are gray is because there is an indeterminate value, usually referred to as a null value in the underlying table. If you open the form in design view and select the check box, open the property sheet for the check box, you will see listed a "default value" set the default value to "true" or "false" whichever you prefer. You can also use numbers, I think they are zero and -1. I think you can also use "yes" and "no"