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Your first task will be to learn the Sequential Query Lanaguage (sql). That is the language all SQL-compliant database servers use. There are many free tutorial online, such as these. Most, if not all, modern programming languages support SQL so it doesn't really matter which language you use.

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If you are a beginner to databses, I'd suggest a few things:
1. Learn how to design databases, i.e how to convert your data into logical units that can be put into a "Database Management System" - you might wanna google this. Plus a link to study about it briefly: Here
2. Learn SQL and Relational model from here: Study only relational algebra and SQL videos from here
3. After this go right into designing a database googling if you need to, and experience will make you an expert in the end.


Getting the design of the tables and fields structure right from the start will save a lot of heartache later.

This website has a lot of good tutorial videos to learn the basics.

Click Here

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