hy im using to show this qry

$qry = mysql_query("SELECT * ,replace(category, ',', ' ') as category FROM articles ORDER BY ID DESC LIMIT 1");  

how can adapt to this qry?

$qry=mysql_query("INSERT INTO category(category) VALUES('$cat,$cat3,$cat2')", $con);

I really didn't get it... The first one is an SELECT and the second a INSERT, how can one become another?

I think he wants to read comma separated values from one column, and insert them as separate records in another.

when insert the values cat1,cat2,cat3 in mysql i will see anything,anything,anything with","between so i dont whant to use anymore that select query to hide the comma and show anything anything anything, thats why i whant if its possible to insert in a row 3 values but without the comma


$qry=mysql_query("INSERT INTO category(category) VALUES('$cat $cat3 $cat2')", $con);
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