Hello everyone.

I have tried to fully install MySQL on Windows Server 2003 for a few days now, with no success. There are two things stopping me from completing the install:
1) I forgot the initial password that was used for the root user
2) Every time I get to the final step (apply security settings) I get an error (error 1045).
The error simply says that the port which MySQL requires to have open, is currently being either blocked (by a firewall) OR being used by another program.
I have ensured that there were no firewalls running on install, AND, that the port was NOT being used.

Please note: I have already spent a few days googling error 1045, but none of the solutions have worked for me so far.
Also note: The password field for the root user, unfortunately, is not empty.

Something that I have noticed, is that when MySQL is installing, a program named "Unknown" pops up on the MySQL port that I ensured was not being used, which causes the error 1045 (port being used or blocked) to come up.

My guess is if I am able to recover the root password, I'll be able to complete the install.

I have also already googled "recover mysql password/change mysql password." I attempted to change the password via the --input-file method, but it did not work.

UPDATE mysql.user SET Password=PASSWORD('mypassword') WHERE User='root';

The --input-file's code, which gets executed on call, is seen above.

MySQL was shutdown when I used --input-file, so I do not know why I was unable to change the password via that method.

Does anyone know how to both change the root password AND/OR conquer the 1045 error?

I've managed to change the root password via --skip-grant-tables. However, I have a new problem. Does anyone know how to "turn off" skip-grant-tables?

Problem resolved. Apparently, if you attempt to install MySQL over Plesks' default MySQL installation, all sorts of errors arise (such as error 1045). Error 1045 comes up probabably because plesks' mySQL prevents installation of another mySQL.

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