I intend to build the web app using a database on a server.

I have tomcat running. I am. Working on creating the server on eclipse (mars).

I was planning on working with MySQL.

What additional set up do I have to do to work with this db in my eclipse dynamic web app?

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I need to b ii ild a basic web app using tomcat and mySQL eclipse dynamic web project created a toally foreign dir structure. Is this advantageous or am I losing control of my project as I did in the netbeans environment?


I am trying to get my software correct. I noticed I have tomecat4.0
I just uninstalled it. I jut got the eclipse (mars).

I have a simple MySQL db already and not sure what isneeded to work with it. I wanted to start a dynamic wrb app and I am not sure of the software required because I have extensive experience with the embedded dery db I am nor sure of the differences I would like to develop a web app for both. I am having trouble deciding on all the software needed on a winows 32 bit sys.


I have had netbeans and glassfish installed for years so I guess I could just use that for a server.


Nevermind. By the time I imp the DAOFactory I am sure I will jave it figired. Thanks anyway

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