I have to design a computerized based system for a pre-primary school on Access. What are the advantages of having a computer based system rather than a manual one? Could you please help me identify the tables necessary that needs to be created.

Without knowing the goals the system is designed to achieve answering your question is impossible.

Quote: "What are the advantages of having a computer based system rather than a manual one?"
Really?? We need to answer that?

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I don't see why hericles was downvoted for the question that we were all thinking. Access is a clunky tool to use in this case, although a favourite of high school projects. However, it does have its benefits from being able to deal easily with other MS products, such as Word and Excel. Mail merging and grading sheets being obvious ones. In addition Access has its own "reports", making it easy to export data in various formats. Dealing with 3rd party report generators can be a bit of a pain.

Have you considered online access? Most whole school solutions these days are web based, allowing teachers to write reports, enter grades etc from home. School network solutions usually (but not always) restrict teachers to enter data on site - often a source of frustration (I should know - a teacher of 20 years).

Is this a school project?

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