hello i wanted to insert data into database like html format i mean i text wich contain html tag like H1 H2 OR P, and any basic other i must use BLOB OR LONGTEXT, if i uses BLOB i must enter that directly in database or upluad that file ?? is not really cleary, i dont know how to explain: so i want to store an html page in database with images

if you are using PHP then you can probably use file_get_contents and store the output into your mysql database. Before doing that make sure to use base64_encode the html source to prevent any complications. Use LONGTEXT, Others may have different ways of doing this.

My choice will also be LONGTEXT for this problem.

so in LONGTEXT i can sotore data like this http://www.tinymce.com/tryit/basic.php conatin link H1, h2 and images to ?? i must insert image in the for or i must put the image link in the form??

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