I need a trigger;
- to find number 1 from "ID" column and
- update "AVAILABILITY" column from Yes to No
in "PRODUCT" table.


Let me add; above process will be done after an insert into in "ORDER" table.

Shortly; Insert data into "ORDER" table and then things get updated in "PRODUCT" table as i required in first message.

Thanks again

Not sure triggers are the best way to do this. BUT if you want to stick with triggers, you'll also have to write update and delete triggers ( If you delete an order for an item it's availability would increase, updating an order could affect it either way ).

How i send data from php to stored procedure and process it? I can't find it. I am new in oracle as well. I need a very simple example to give me an idea.

i know i can use insert into in the trigers but, can i use update or delete table set...where id=1 in any trigger?