Hello... Can anybody explain me Ebay or something like that database structur.Do All Item Categoris Store in One Table(with Differnt types)or do they story in many table .ex books for one table,jewellery in another table and so on.if they are store in differnt tables how do we search them ? according to my knowledge we have select from all table one by one i think it is not a good way.(are there any other way to do That ?) or plase explain me how to design such a web site and how to do fast and accurate search result.

Thank you

Well according to this very interesting presentation their DBA's gave back in 2006 even at that time they had 26 billion SQL executions per day, hundreds of coders keeping the application servers running, and were "hitting compiler limits on number of methods per class". That's not in the "one or more tables"-league.. it's not even in the same sport.

You don't have to start like they did, each item in its own file, but "how to build something like ebay and do a fast search through its items" is a silly question. They did and do it differently than you ever should, especially for a first website.

Follow a tutorial like this one and start at the beginning. Keep categories in a table separate from products, use proper keys, create indices if you want to search through large text volumes, etc. Worry about speed when you're done with all the other problems you'll face, like proper web design, back-end coding, user login, shopping carts, payment services and so on.

If you really want to learn about large, scalable storage designs (and I misread your question about wanting a website) you can look into (and tinker with) projects like Hadoop or OpenStack. They're open source, very well documented, and have large communities.

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