i'm trying to access a database backup that i usually keep in my pc's hard disk, trying to access it via my laptop. Both pc and laptop has SQL SERVER 2008 with same server name, using windows authentication, i spent 2 days but can't figure out that how to access it remotely ? I'm using ZTE wifi as a hotspot for internet connectivity, PC is connected to it via cable while laptop wirelessly.

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with same server name

Both computers have the same name? That's not going to allow you to connect from one PC to another if you try by name. The source PC will know its name and therefore the name will resolve to itself. Can each PC have its own unique hostname?

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yes jorGem,

Before you can use SQL management studio, first verify network connectivity. Any local firewall enabled on either system? Can you resolve each other's hostname? Can you PING each other.

When these answers are yes, then focus on the application layer.


ok jorGem, seems like i have to pick my CCNA notes again :D though i'm CCNA certified but still don't remember those things :D

Thanks bro

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