Requirement is to enter rows into a table inside godaddy. Tables rows are generated as a part of another etl process which is not inside godaddy and the output of etl is a csv file. Currently a human is logging into godaddy cpanel, navigating to the corresponding db, clicks on import button and selected the csv to be imported. One of the alterate designs that came up was to make a selenium automation to do it. But it's that the wrong usage of a testing tool? For the web app, the table data is extremely critical and what I feel is there should be some web service written in php and hosted inside godaddy so that it will have direct access to the db. How are such conditions normally handled? I mean who/ how adds such a huge amount of data regularly onto a db that too after validating the data? Please shed some light on this and suggest the right approach

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Not sure if I follow exactly but it sounds like you need to upload a file to your godaddy site (e.g. through a user form - probably behind a secure page/admin area), parse and import into the DB. That would be a manual upload.

Is that what you're looking for?

ALternatively you could use cURL /SOAP or similar technologies.