This is a sql datatype problem

I am a junior programmer and new member of this forum

I want to ask a question

I have these two columns in sql 2000 server

trx_date char(8)
trx_time char(6)

And now, I imported this database to sql 2008

and want to copy those two columns' record to a new column call
trx_datetime (datetime)

Please guide me , thanks

trx_datetime = concat(trx_date, trx_time)

or something pretty close.


I got the solution, and share it

Like this

INSERT INTO ABC(datetime, sn)
RTRIM(LTRIM(trx_date))+' '+
SUBSTRING(trx_time,1,2) + ':' +
SUBSTRING(trx_time,3,2) + ':' +
SUBSTRING(trx_time,5,2), 120),
FROM orders WHERE sn = '123456789';

Thank you rch1231

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